Misfits Reborn 1.4

Curseforge Modpack

While there certainly isn't a shortage of Minecraft modpacks out there, our little crew could never find a pack that had everything we wanted all in one place.  We tried pack after pack, but were never satisfied.  Thus, we decided, "Why not make our own?" ... Voila!  The Misfits Reborn modpack was created.  We not only created the pack, we're also hosting it!
    LAST UPDATED:  Mar 26, 2024

Modpack Setup


What do I need?


  • The Curseforge Launcher --->

  • Our Curseforge Modpack --->


How do I use it?

1.  Open Curseforge.

2.  Click the Minecraft Icon on the Left.
3.  Click "Create Custom Profile" on the Top Right.
4.  Click the underlined word "Import" at the top.

5.  Find and Highlight the Misfits Reloaded ZIP file.
6.  Click "Open".
7.  Wait for the profile to be created.
8.  Hover over the new profile, click "Play".

TNT Use is Highly Restricted:  There is really no good use for TNT on a survival server.  As such we have gone to great lengths to record the usage of any TNT blocks.  Players found using TNT against other players or their builds will be removed from the server.

Don't Block Construction:  We believe that being a good neighbor is critical to having happy players.  Thus, players may not purposely block other players who are trying to build.  For instance, if a player has clearly marked an area for a project you may not start building in that area.  There is plenty of world to build in.  In rare occasions, where a player claimed ownership near a landmark, such as the spawn, we MIGHT consider removing their builds if the player has been absent from the server for over 6 months.

Village Ownership:  We respect that players like villages and, as such, we want villagers to be accessable to all players.  With this in mind, players may feel free to place walls around villages, light them up, and make them safe.  That said, you may NOT claim ownership of a server-created village.  If you want full control of a village, create one and populate it.

No Reef Destroying:  No player may purposely destroy a naturally generated coral reef.  These are fairly rare and, as such, must be protected for the enjoyment of all players.  Players may take coral for their own builds however you must limit yourself so the reef is not made barren.

No Exploits/Cheating:  Along with every game presents the opportunity for players to search the internet far and wide for things that will make their game unusually easy.  In other words, they look for ways to cheat.  Cheating only takes away from the joy experienced by players who've actually earned the admiration of others.  With our own history of playing this game we know what x-ray use looks like.  We know what it means when players have chests full of resources they couldn't have possibly have gathered normally.  Our server logs keep track of every single thing a player does in our world.  Suspicious behavior WILL be investigated and players found cheating will be perminently removed from the server.




The following rules apply to EVERYONE on our Minecraft server.  Please ensure you read and understand these rules as the punishment for breaking them can include losing the ability to play on ALL of our servers.  These rules are common sense, ignorance of them is not an acceptable excuse.

No Micro-Transactions:  This server is designed to be 100% free and operate with a player-driven barter system.  No individual may ask for, or require, the transaction of real world money for anything on this server.  Please report any unauthorized sales attempts to server staff.

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