Ark Server Information

While we here at are fans of hosting numerous A-List video game titles, and started out hosting nothing more than a Minecraft server, our main focus for the past several years has always been our Ark: Survival Evolved server.  To that end, this section of our website gives information on the current status of our Ark server including the rules of the server, what mods we're using, and why we've made these decisions.  It's our hope that a better understanding of our server will bring more players to join us.  Without further adue, we happily present you with the layout of our Ark server.
LAST UPDATED:  April 9, 2018



The following mods have been painstakingly selected to not only aid in bringing the DLC environment to TheIsland, but also to give a better sense of balance and enjoyment to the game. Below I will provide the mod name, it’s ID#, and the reason we decided to add it. This list is not guaranteed to be 100% up to date, as we occasionally add or remove mods as needed should they become outdated or we find something more balanced.

Please note, we have also increased the number of engram points players receive per level (and at major intervals) to balance out the added engram points needed to unlock mod-related items. This does not mean players can unlock ALL engrams, so continue to be cautious as to what you spend your points on.

Title: (TheIsland) DLC Resources
ModID: 1292661988
Notes: This adds in DLC Resource locations to The Island map.

Title: Aberrration Engrams Anywhere
ModID: 1285553918
Notes: Allows players to unlock and use Aberration Engrams.

Title: SE Engrams Anywhere
ModID: 783824157
Notes: Adds Scorched Earth Engrams (copies) for players to unlock and use.

Title: Wyvern Nests Plus
ModID: 924563988
Notes: Adds randomly placed nests at Rock Drake and Wyvern spawn locations.

Title: Awesome Teleporters!
ModID: 889745138
Notes: Teleportation pads (Warning – Can cause occasional client crash during teleport)

Title: Wardrobe Skins
ModID: 1232362083
Notes: Allows players to customize their wardrobe with various craftable skins.

Title: Fused Troughs
ModID: 1342152255
Notes: Adds 3 refrigerated troughs that can be powered by spark powder or power.

Title: Cooking Extras
ModID: 503911420
Notes: Brings additional food storage, roleplay, and cooking options for players.

Title: Auto Torch
ModID: 543859212
Notes: Adds standing/wall torches which require no fuel and can be manually/auto controlled.

Title: Egg N Poop Collector / Incubator
ModID: 554678442
Notes: Brings in a powered system of automation for gathering of poop and tending of crop plots.

Title: Homing Pigeon
ModID: 655261420
Notes: Allows players to recall tagged flyers to a specified flag, with an appropriate wait time.

Title: Ferrat’s Large Fermentation Barrels
ModID: 691302176
Notes: Adds an object that functions much like the Dung Beetle, but works!

Title: Reusable Plus
ModID: 693416678
Notes: Makes several 1-use items reusable. (grapple causes server crash, thus can’t be crafted)

Title: GFAR Reusable Grapple
ModID: 899068109
Notes: A reusable grapple, which doesn’t cause the server to crash. (“G.F.A.R” in engrams list)

Title: Redwoods Anywhere
ModID: 722649005
Notes: Allows players to plant and grow a large selection of platform trees (including redwoods).

Title: Bore Water Kit
ModID: 730794403
Notes: Adds a pipe that can tap water direct from the ground so players don’t have to run miles of pipes.

Title: Recycler
ModID: 642935680
Notes: Adds a recycler to break down resources and a grinder to “recycle” unwanted objects.

Title: Structures Plus (S+)
ModID: 731604991
Notes: Adds construction items (including vanilla copies) which can be picked up after being placed.

Title: Death Recovery Mod
ModID: 751991809
Notes: Gives players the ability to create a “tombstone” so they can recover items after death.

Title: AutoNarc – Narcotic Drip
ModID: 768984945
Notes: Gives mid-game players the ability to automate narcotic delivery to unconscious dino’s

Title: Big Storage Bins
ModID: 791674340
Notes: A more realistic way to organize large amounts of resources, and they look cool too.

Title: Dinosaur Treadmill Generator
ModID: 867838567
Notes: Provides power to players at the cost of a dino, and the food to keep the dino motivated.

Title: Dino Tracker
ModID: 924933745
Notes: Allows you to locate missing dino’s by giving you a visual cue to which direction they’re in.

Title: Craftable Nameless Venom
ModID: 1342376906
Notes: A Rock Drake taming workaround for having to limit Nameless spawning.








Map Name:  TheIsland

Server Type:  Dedicated (Unshared)

Updates:  Daily @ 5AM & 3PM EST

Day/Night Speed:  0.75x / 2.0x

Harvest Multiplyer:  1.2x

Play Type:  PVE + Tribe Warfare

Harvest Health:  1.2x

Downloads/Uploads:  No

3rd Person Allowed:  Yes

Structure Decay:  *No

Downloads/Uploads:  No

XP Bonus (over time) :  1x

XP Bonus (combat) :  2.0x

Crosshair Allowed:  Yes

Show Location on Map:  Yes

Taming Speed:  8.0x

Tame Damage:  1.0x

Tame Resistance:  1.0x

* Unconnected Water Pipes will Decay

Max Obj on Platforms:  250

Harvest Respawn Speed:  3.0x

Respawn Radius:  3.0x (closer)

Spoiling Time:  1.5x (slower)

Corpse Decay:  10x (longer)

Hair Growth:  10x (slower)

XP Bonus (crafting) :  1.2x

Structure Repair Cooldown:  30s

Platform Prevention Override:  Yes

Structure Auto-Lock:  Yes

Engram Points:  *Increased

Max Level :  130

Max Level (tamed):  300+

Mating Interval:  1.0x

Egg Hatch Speed:  10.0x

Maturation Speed:  10.0x

Baby Food Rate:  0.2x  (less needed)

Anyone Can Imprint:  Yes

* Most levels provide additional 3-5 points with landmark levels providing up to 30 additional points.

No Player Killing/Griefing:  Nobody likes to login to a game to find all their hard work ruined.  As such we do not allow any player to destroy the objects or dinos of another player.  While we do allow tribal warfare, tribes may not attack another tribe while their members are offline and unable to defend themselves.  PVP is only allowed between tribes with declared "tribal warfare" status.

Flyers Can Carry:  Yes

No Build Blocking:  We wish all players to be able to find somewhere to call home.  As such we do not allow players/tribes to claim territory by placing random objects across large areas of landscape.  If you wish to build a large walled in area, it must be a reasonable size and must be developed (used) by your tribe.  You may not hold onto land for the sake of preventing other players from building in that location.

Limit to 1 Oil/Gas Spawn:  Spawn locations of Oil and Gas veigns are sparse across the landscape.  As such each Tribe is only permitted to hold onto 1 oil and 1 gas spawn.  If multiple players form a tribe (even unofficial) they must give up any Oil and Gas veigns which put them over the limit of 1 oil and 1 gas.

Teleportation Limit:  Due to stability issues with teleportation pads, and the fact that teleportation increases server load, solo players are limited to having a maximum of TWO teleportation pads in use.  Tribes are limited to a maximum of FIVE teleportation pads in use at one time.  We perfom random checks to ensure players are complying with these limits.

Resource Claiming/Destroying:  Every player on this server will require resources to construct buildings, tools, and weapons.  Greed in this regard is not permitted.  Therefore we do not allow any player to claim or place walls around large resource spawns.  In addition, you may not build on or at a location where a large or rare resource spawns exist, as this will prevent the resources from respawning.

No Structure Abandonment:  While it's only natural for a player to want to move to a better location once they get their survival established, we do not permit players to simply abandon their old bases.  Multiple bases are permitted, however if you move from a base and have no intent on using it, you must remove it.  This can be easily done with the "Demo Gun" from the S+ mod, which you can simply use to shoot objects to destroy/pick-up placed objects.

Jodian's DLC Island




I want to start out by saying this isn’t your momma’s island. Through a painstaking process of trial and error we’ve rebuilt the spawn environment of the default Island map. This not only includes rebuilding the vanilla spawns, to now also include Aberration versions of vanilla creatures, but also included adding in the special DLC creatures to areas of the Island where it might be appropriate to find them.  Leedsichthys are disabled due to them not respecting the hard work involved in building complex rafts. Nameless, if you dare awaken them, are only found in the "Tiny" ice cave.