Co-Operative Defenders
With the continued popularity of the epic defense game Mindustry, I decided during the Covid-19 epidemic focus on hosting a server for the game I've enjoyed playing myself on many occasions.  That said, it's common to note that PVP servers gain more players, but I find the heavy competition usually brings out the worst in players.  With cooperative play, players are forced to work as a team to solve their mutual problem, the growing AI army.  This can usually lead to better attitudes on the server and a general feeling of teamwork.
    LAST UPDATED:  October 5, 2019



Who is the Owner of the Server?  Jodian - On Steam  (former names include ViperZeroOne)

Is This On a Dedicated or Shared Server?  The network is a personal home network, but the server is dedicated.

Is There Any Downtime?  Very rarely the server may be taken offline for a couple minutes to update/add maps.

How Often Are Updates Performed?  The game server will be updated any time an update is available.

What Maps Are Used?  All maps are custom designed and created by us.  This gives a fresh experience to players.

Do You Allow PVP?  No, in addition players may not sabotage each other's efforts to defend their core.

How Long Do Games Last?  Games can last anywhere from minutes to hours.  They end when you loose.

What's The Goal?  The goal of the game is to see how long you can survive the progressive waves of enemies.

Are There Rankings?  On the forum you'll find a list.  Players are required to screenshot and submit their top scores.

No Sabotaging Defenses:  We are fully aware that there are disruptive players out there who will wait for an opportunity to strike at the worst moment.  Anyone caught deleting defenses, for no good reason, will be deemed a saboteur and dealt with accordingly.

No Blocking Construction:  We believe that working together as a team is critical to success.  Thus, players may not purposely block other players who are trying to build.  For instance, if someone is creating a conveyer to clearly supply a row of guns, another player may not distrupt their construction by purposely placing wall or other blocks in their way to stop or delay the construction.

No Monopolizing Resources:  As all players draw from the same pool of resources it's critical that players take turns.  This is usually more of a problem in the early game, when resources are extremely limited.  Work as a team.  Do not spam a row of walls, when you don't have the material to build them, if another player is trying to put down miners to gather more resources for the core.

Resource Destroying:  No player may purposely cover up or hide critical resources from their teammates.  For example, if there is a much needed coal deposit near the base don't cover it up with wall blocks or factories in an attempt to hide it from your team.  This is considered resource destroying and is treated as sabotage.

No Bug Exploiting/Cheating:  Along with every game presents the opportunity for players to search the internet far and wide for things that will make their game unusually easy.  In other words, they look for ways to cheat.  Cheating only takes away from the joy experienced by other players who've actually earned their place on our rankings.   

With our own history of playing this game we know how long it takes to reach certain waves.  Any players who submit a screenshot of their rankings will have their game scrutenized to ensure it didn't take an unrealistically short amount of time to progress to the wave that finally wiped them out.  Any suspicious submissions will require further evidence, such as a video replay or mid-game screenshots, before it is added to the leaderboard.




The following rules apply to EVERYONE on our Mindustry server.  Please ensure you read and understand these rules as the punishment for breaking them can include losing the ability to play on ALL of our servers.  These rules are common sense, ignorance of them is not an acceptable excuse.




The following is a list of maps that we have active on the server.  While we try to keep this list updated and accurate, there may be times when we

test out a new map and it isn't listed listed here.  I've also added a brief description of the map, so players get an idea what they're getting into.




This map is mostly small caves with a fairly large and open base location, and a secondary open location to the South of the Core.  The challenge is that only one path leads up to the AI Spawn, and that path snakes across the map and is very narrow.  Resources are somewhat abundant, but setting up defenses might prove difficult.

Can I Submit A Map?  The short answer is no.  We prefer to maintain ownership of the maps we use, so they can be freely edited.


The Core location on this map is rather huge and open, covering most of the right-side of the map, and is protected by a river with only one narrow crossing in the South.  It should be easy to defend, at least until the air strikes begin.  With the enemy drop zone also in a large open area, it might work best taking the fight to them.


The Core location on this map is a decently open area, however you won't be able to stay confined to it.  Resource zones are fairly spread out and areas that might be good for things like power generation are nowhere near your core.  While there is only one path to the enemy, you might find it difficult to get your armies to go there without your help.


On this map you'll find your core location a bit more confining than the others, however resources are extremely abundant.  Cavern walls are pretty thin, so bombardments across them might be a good way to go.  Just don't forget, they can fire across them too.  You might find defense a struggle here, especially when the air-strikes begin.