Terms of Use

By downloading the client, installing the client, and connecting to our server you, the player, agree to abide and follow all of the rules listed on this page.  Failure to follow the rules as laid out here can lead to disiplinary action against your account up to, and including, the black-listing of your account from all game servers we operate.  The service we provide is free, without requrement of subscription or reimbursement, and as such we reserve the right to determine who may or may not access our game servers.  The server is operated for historical purposess only, with no implied guarantees or licenses offered through this system. The exchange of real-world money for any service, objects, or items is strictly prohibited.

Client Setup:

1.  Download the software from the above link (4.2 GB) and save it to your computer

2.  Extract the ZIP file to your Computer

3.  Open and follow the directions in the README.txt file

4.  Create an Account on this site

  Start the Game!

Serious Rule Violators

Those who are found to be violating our server rules in a way that is unethical (cheat programs) or immoral (racism, hatred, for-profit) will be;

Client Installer:

Server Rules:

Rule #1:  There is to be no offensive talk/language either through in-game chat or on our Discord server.

City of Heroes

Welcome to the little corner of the internet where we pay homage to that wonderful online experience, City of Heroes.  We here at JodianGaming feel very strongly about the preservation of video game history.  As such, when we hear of a "sunset" or shutdown of any popular online game we're quick to see if there's any way to archive that gaming experience.  To that end we've painstakenly set aside part of our gaming experience (aka. game servers) to preserve the experience of City of Heroes.  We don't do this for financial gain.  We don't do this out of spite to those who shut down the official servers.  It's done simply as a preservation of the experience so future generations can experience, in part, this wonderful game.

Create Account:

Rule #2:  Raging is absolutely NOT tolerated regardless of the events leading up to it.

Rule #3:  You may not knowingly undermine or prevent another player's ability to play the game.

Rule #4:  You may not use any 3rd party software or devices to give yourself an unfair advantage.

Rule #5:  Setting up real-world transactions for in-game items or products is strictly prohibited.

Rule #6:  Playing 2 characters from the same account, at the same time, is prohibited.

Rule #7:  Using macros to level up or stay logged in is strictly restricted.