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Today, while dealing with a thread of anti-vaxers, I came upon a commonality that seems apparent in the group. Every last one of them is self-centered. Let me expand on that.

Like most people, I was one of the first ones in line for a vaccine when the opportunity arose. Even then, my first thought wasn't that I needed the vaccine to be safe. It was that I needed the vaccine to prevent the spread, to keep my loved ones and my customers safe. Today that's proven fact, with only 1.1% of Covid cases being in vaccinated individuals. That matches right up with the 98% effectiveness of the vaccine. Go figure! The other 98.9% of cases are either those who were only partly vaccinated, or completely unvaccinated, with the latter making up over 88%. This is proof positive that vaccines are effective, so what's the problem?

Again, it goes back to the self-centered attitude of anti-vaxers. The majority of their arguments have to do with their rights. They have the right to not be vaccinated. They aren't worried because they're in good health. They feel mandatory vaccines are an infringement of their rights. It's always about them. They don't care about the 80 year old grandfather of 6 they might infect while asymptomatic. They don't care about the 20 year old immune-compromised cancer patient they could infect while asymptomatic. They only care about themselves... Their rights. Their decisions. It's kind of pathetic.

Going right along with this, they also have another thing in common. While defending THEIR rights they fail to acknowledge the rights of others. They complain because a business won't serve them due to them not being vaccinated, even though that's well within the rights of the business owner. Then, out of spite, they actually comment that the business is somehow going to close because THEY can't shop there. As if they're the only thing keeping that business afloat. Talk about an inflated sense of self-importance. Shopping in a store is a privilege, not a right. Working out in a gym is a privilege, not a right. Going to a concert is a privilege, not a right.

What it all comes down to is choice. You choose to not be vaccinated, you're also choosing to not do the things that only vaccinated people are allowed to do. It's not discrimination. It's YOUR choice.


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