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So, as I predicted, unrest has started to boil over in this country. It's taken the form of a group of Truckers heading from Alberta to Ottawa. It went through my town today, and I have to say I'm pretty shocked at the support behind it. Do they know what this convoy is all about? Did they notice all the upside down flags and flags cut in half? What is going on?!

As most know, we had an election several months ago. People were fed up with the Liberal government and complaining, so the Prime Minister called an election. Guess what? He got voted back into office. Alberta was the ONLY province that voted completely Conservative. Is it any surprise that's where these truckers are coming from?

Most people think this convoy started out because the Government put in a mandate saying truckers crossing the US border had to be vaccinated. Considering this mandate already existed in most of the trucking companies, 90% of truckers are already vaccinated, and the US was a partner in coming up with this mandate so they could do away with testing and quarantines at the border? Seems unlikely.

If you ask a person on the street what it's all about, they'll tell you it's about lockdowns and having to wear masks, and THAT is why THEY support it. Considering all of that is controlled at the provincial level, which means Alberta lockdowns and mask mandates are controlled in Alberta, that also seems unlikely. So what's it really all about?

To find that out, you have to dig deeply into the backgrounds of the organizers of the convoy. You'll find a couple prominent groups on there. Up at the top of the list is the "Canada Unity" group from Alberta who, as part of the protest, put forth an official "Memorandum of Understanding". This is a nonbinding agreement that states the party's intentions to take action. In this MOU they clearly state that they want the existing legally elected government to step down, and that a group consisting of their own Canada Unity members and the Canadian Senate will create the "Citizens of Canada Committee" that will oversee the government. IN SHORT, it's an attempted coup.

In addition, during the travels of this convoy there have been MANY sightings of hate group flags, mostly white supremist groups. It's also no surprise that the organizers of this convoy also seem to have had ties to white supremist groups in the past.

That's right folks, this is our own version of 1920's Germany. The Worker Party is coming to assert their power, take over the government, and next we'll see purity become the focus... Just say NO! Even if you hate our elected leaders. Even if you hate masks and lockdowns. Do not throw away Canada to this group of hate-filled nationalists! Just say no!

So it's a new year... Or is it?

Well, it certainly is on the calendar. That said, I've heard a lot of people saying to me that it doesn't actually feel any different than last year. We've had the same problems, without any solutions, for the past 2 years without any clear path forward. People are tired. People are getting frustrated. You can feel it in the air that something is going to happen soon. Even with all the celebrating, there's clear unrest.

Personally, I hope this new year finally brings us a path forward. I've been with my girlfriend, who I've never met in person, longer now than I've been in most of my in-person relationships. It's getting a little on the silly side. I changed from my truck to a car, so I'd have better gas mileage to visit her, a year ago and still haven't been able to make the trip. To say I'm frustrated is a little bit of an understatement. That said, we've made it work for 2 years now so if we can survive this we can surely survive anything.

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